I Held Your Cat

We try and be positive and show you all the happy things that go on in our shelter.(besides when we are begging for money) Most people are aware that once you leave our lobby and all the happy pictures we post of dogs and cats going home there is a not so great side. This week we took in a sick kitty, from a woman who said she found the kitty. We knew this to be false as the cat was chipped and it belonged to her, she denied it, pretty tough to deny that but she tried. We know who she is and she will not be adopting from us. Ever. She might want to avoid SE Volusia Humane Society as well as they are on to her too.   She cared enough about her cat to get it chipped but not to take it to a veterinarian for care. Instead, she abandoned it at the shelter.

The kitty seemed to be comfortable, she was eating, so one of our vet’s decided to watch her for a day and see if she improved with proper care.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. I arrive at the shelter to find one of our long time employees had crawled up in the cage to sit with this kitty, holding her. She had taken a turn for the worse during the night. Her condition was discovered by our high school student who works on Saturday when she arrived for work. That is a bit traumatic for a seasoned employee let alone a child.  I immediately called our vet Dr. Bryant-Hutchinson from Glencoe Animal Hospital (super, awesome and wonderful don’t do enough to describe her). No questions asked she was on her way. Meanwhile, this poor sweet kitty began having seizures, she was crying loud enough to be heard all over the building. My 17-year-old high school girls working in the back carried on with their jobs, how I do not know. It was heartbreaking. Terri, who has worked at the shelter I think since the dawn of time and I took turns comforting and holding this sweet kitty until the Dr. arrived. There was nothing we could do to save this kitty and she was suffering, she was humanely euthanized and is now at peace.

I am hoping that the individual who decided it was a good idea to drop her suffering cat off at an animal shelter will see this. I hope you sleep well at night knowing that I held your cat while she died. At least someone did.

Thank You

Thank you to all that donated during December and January! We could not do it without your generosity! We would also like to thank our volunteers that take the time to visit with our animals, clean, do laundry and all the other things it takes to keep our doors open!  

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Donate $5.00

What does $5.00 mean to you? A fancy coffee at Starbucks? Half of a lunch at your favorite restaurant? Most of us have $5.00 rattling around in our purse, wallet or car on any given day.

The Edgewater Animal Shelter relies totally on donations from our community to operate.  If 40 people donate $5.00 it will feed our pets for an entire week.  If 20 people donate $5.00 it buys our cat litter for an entire week.  Our employees are all part time. If 50 people donate $5.00 it will pay one of our employees for over a week. Just $5.00 is a really big deal for us.

Our lobby has donation jars available, during the month of February we want to fill those jars with $5.00 bills. We are also able to accept secure donations thru Paypal.

Click here to donate $5.00 via Paypal.

We have 4327 likes on Facebook. If every single person who supported us donated $5 that would be over $21,000. $21,000 would buy a lot of dog food, medicine, garbage bags, bleach and pay our employees for about 5 months.

If you would like to donate more than $5.00 please feel free to do so, but at this moment every $5.00 you donate will help to keep our doors open. Thank you and please opt to adopt!

We are located at 605 Mango Tree Drive in Edgewater. We are open from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm –  Monday – Saturday.

Call us at (386) 957-3994.

Email us at info@edgewateranimalshelter.org