Thank You

Thank you to our fantastic supporters for your February donations! We would also like to thank some of our regular volunteers, Arikah, Barbara, Karen, Linda, Ross, Ginny, Victoria and Sammi. 

Cindy Potter
Ginger Cook
Dania Hanson
Peggy Walsh
Pelican Coe East
Vickie Getz
Michael & Terry Yaple
Mildred Lipscomb
Gary Colvin
Terri Cardell
American Legion Post 285
E. Larson
Terri McKitria
Lynn Bartlett
Yvonne Brown
Lorna Marks


Barbara Ferrin Estate
Dynah Jackson
Florida Community Bank
Brittany Hole
Sandy Gross
New Smyrna Chevy
Steve & Erin Penn
Judy Sabugo
Alfred Bennett
Sandy Martin
Karen Baldyga
Lorie Oehler
Ken Jones
Judi Shaw
Peggy Kaholm