Missing Dog?

I am the Director of the Edgewater Animal Shelter, I try very hard to keep a low profile, but we have a big issue in Edgewater and it needs to be talked about.

We have had an influx of lost dogs coming into the shelter. An inordinate number of “stray” dogs. Some are brought in by good Samaritans, some by Animal Control and some we suspect are owners pretending they “find” them. It is a sad situation. We make every effort to find the owners of these dogs, in some cases, they are plastered all over Facebook, people message us and say “Hey I know who that dog belongs to” We call them, leave a message and NEVER hear back.

I have some of the best staff in the industry, they stalk the lost pet pages, are in constant contact with rescue groups, and do every damn thing they can to find these owners. Some of which are not looking.

I have a couple of examples. Lucy, she is a sweet little beagle, who had a chip. We called the owner, who said, “Oh I gave her to my son” we called the son. The son told us, “oh that didn’t work out, I gave her to so and so.” We found so and so. She said oh, she is there, I will have to find a ride and get back to you. Guess what she never did. Lucy is one of the lucky ones. We found her a spectacular family.

Let me tell you about Oscar (we changed his name to Roscoe), Animal Control brought Roscoe to us, after Waste Management called them because he was drinking the fluid coming off the garbage truck. All the neighbors knew him, he was a roamer, his owners didn’t care. He was another of the lucky ones, a local guy knew him, knew what a super dog he was and adopted him. In case you didn’t catch it, THE GARBAGE MEN CALLED US, they cared more about this dog than the owner.

We had a lab puppy and a rottweiler come in, clearly someone’s pets, NO ONE EVEN LOOKED FOR THEM. The puppy was pulled by a great organization we work with called K9 Line Inc. They train and provide service dogs to vets. We don’t have to worry when we deal with them, they follow up on the dogs. We care what happens to our dogs, we want to know they are safe.

On the flip side, we have people who lose their dogs (or cats) and come in daily looking for them, some in tears. It breaks our hearts. People desperate to find their pets, and then we have the pets languishing in our kennels, no one looking for them. Sometimes I am certain they are better off with us. That says a lot about the owners we are dealing with, or maybe it says how very pathetic they are.

If you lose your pet, check the shelters, get on Facebook and check the lost pet pages, go to the shelters and look. If you don’t want your pet, bring it to us. Pay the $50 surrender fee and let us find someone to love that pet that you don’t care about. Then do me a favor. DON’T get another one. Be pet free. Do that animal that relies on you for everything a favor. Don’t bring it home.

~Roxanne Reynolds Hicks