Tough Times in Animal Shelter World

It has been a rough summer in the wonderful world of animal rescue. Our cattery has been overflowing with cats and kittens since April. At one point we had 85 cats and kittens. People leaving them at our gate in boxes, throwing them over the fence and all sorts of nonsense. Our dog situation is no better, we were up to 26 dogs, our kennels hold 20. We had dogs in large dog crates in the laundry room, the office, the hallway. You name it we have had dogs there. Not only do we feed these animals, but they are on flea meds and heartworm medication, they get shots and all are spayed or neutered. We have to pay all these people to take care of them (thank goodness for volunteers) and of course the boring stuff, utilities, water, insurance, bank fees, stuff like that.

We have depleted our reserves this summer taking care of sick kittens, feeding dogs and spaying and neutering our adoptable pets. We are bringing back our #donate5 campaign in the hopes that some of our best supporters will throw some cash our way! The Edgewater Animal Shelter relies totally on donations from our community to operate.

What does $5.00 mean to you? A fancy coffee at Starbucks? Half of a lunch at your favorite restaurant? Most of us have $5.00 rattling around in our purse, wallet or car on any given day. Stop by and drop some change in the jar on the counter, you can also find jars at Beef O’Brady’s and Southern Bar and Grille.

Click here to donate $5.00 via Paypal. 

You do not need a Paypal Account to donate via Paypal

We have 4741 likes on Facebook. If every single person who supported us donated $5 that would be over $23,000. $23,000 would buy a lot of dog food, medicine, cat litter, garbage bags, vinegar and pay our employees for several months.

If you would like to donate more than $5.00 please feel free to do so, but we are not greedy, $5 will go a long way to keeping our doors open! Thank you and please opt to adopt!

We are located at 605 Mango Tree Drive in Edgewater. We are open from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm –  Monday – Saturday.

Call us at (386) 957-3994.

Email us at