Thank You!

By now, most of you have seen the story of Adonis, he was brought to us in deplorable condition and is now under 24-hour veterinarian care. We have high hopes he will make a full recovery. First, we would like to thank everyone who has come out to support our efforts to save this beautiful dog. We have had an overwhelming number of donations to help with his veterinary care as well as his long-term care. If we have any extra funds, they will stay in our medical fund, for the care of other animals in need, like Adonis. We have also had many, many donations of other things we always need, dog food, cat food, cat litter and more! Thank you so much for helping us out. Our staff and the pets appreciate it!

What is Next?

We have had many inquiries from people around the country offering to foster and even adopt Adonis. He has a long road ahead of him and is still being monitored closely by the vet. (He is actually spending Christmas weekend at her house.) Once he is well enough to be released, Adonis will go to a foster home. This foster home has experience with medically challenged animals. Adonis will need continuous monitoring by the veterinarian for quite some time to come. Once we are confident that he has turned the corner we will evaluate his readiness for adoption. This is a long way off. Adonis has a very sweet disposition, especially for a dog who has been through so much. We will be sure he gets a very special home.


If you have room in your home for Adonis, there are many, many shelter pets around the country that need homes. Please consider adding one of those pets to your family. The Edgewater Animal Shelter currently has over 20 dogs up for adoption. Sweet dogs just like Adonis who just need a chance. We consider ourselves to be an above average shelter, taking excellent care of the animals in our care. We have the most caring, dedicated staff anywhere. However, it is still a shelter, not a home.

We are open Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm, we are located at 605 Mango Tree Drive, next to Public Works in Edgewater. Stop by and see us!