You are all familiar with Adonis and his story. He has touched the hearts of so many people. He came to us as a “stray” we quickly discovered he was not a stray but a horrible story of neglect and starvation. For whatever reason, a seemingly normal human being chose to not feed or give water to this beautiful dog. He ended up at our shelter, as I believe was meant to be. I saw him and said no, he needs to be euthanized. I am the person at the shelter who has to be the voice of reason, I have to say enough, this animal cannot be saved. I do it a lot, more than I want to.

On this day, I was asked let’s give him one night, then another night. Then one more day. The vet taking care of him said he may make it. I said is he suffering, she said, no he is not. Days went by, he started eating, he drank, he walked, he tried to run. He was a horribly neglected dog, who loved everyone he met and gave everyone hope. Hope he would beat the odds and live. An entire community rallied to support this one dog. I petted him and cared for him from afar because if that decision had to be made, it would be me who made it and I did not want to love him. I would have to break the hearts of my entire staff and really an entire community. Everyone wanted to save Adonis. I did not want him to suffer.

Somewhere in the last few weeks, even I turned the corner, I hoped desperately that this severely malnourished. dehydrated, neglected dog would live.  He comes into the shelter every day, every bone showing and he wags his tail, licks our faces and lays his head on our lap and gives us hope. Hope. He doesn’t bear any ill will to anyone. He loves everyone he meets. He is the example of hope and forgiveness. I sit here right now looking at my two incredibly spoiled dogs and think how does this happen, how do we as people abuse an animal to the point of death.

Adonis has good days and bad days. We still do not know if he will live. I do know this, this dog came into our care with NO hope. He had to be desperate, thinking no one loved him. No matter what happens now, this precious dog knows that someone loves him. Someone cares. An entire community cares. This bony, sad dog has given a whole bunch of people hope. We will love him, care for him and pray he makes it. If he doesn’t, I know one thing. Adonis knows and feels that someone, many someones love him and hope for him to survive.

Roxanne Hicks
Director, EAS