Adoption Contract

Adoption Contract

This Conditional Adoption Agreement made by and between Edgewater Animal Shelter (EAS) and the Adopter identified below

Whereas, EAS is a non-profit animal rescue agency specializing in placing neglected, abused, unwanted and/or abandoned domestic animals, mainly dogs and cats, in permanent homes. These animals come into the possession of EAS through various means including but not limited to surrender, City of Edgewater Animal Control and strays;

These animals are the legal property of EAS; the Adopter is interested in adopting one of EAS’s animals so as to provide the animal with a “forever home”; and,

EAS is relying on Adopter’s representation that Adopter will provide a forever home in entering into this Agreement.

THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the above-stated premises, EAS and Adopter do agree as follows, on behalf of themselves and their personal representatives, next of kin, heirs and assigns;

Animal to Be Adopted _____________________________________________

Adopter Acknowledgement and Hold Harmless.

Adopter acknowledges and understands that the temperament, pedigree, and health of Adopted Pet may not be fully known, and does hereby assume full responsibility for any and all actions of, and for any personal injuries and/or damages that may be caused hereafter by or to Adopted Pet, and hereby releases and forever discharges EAS from any claim, loss or liability whatsoever arising from or relating in any way to Adopted Pet. Adopter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless EAS from and against all claims, damages losses, fees or costs arising from or relating to Adopted Pet, including claims for personal injuries or damages caused by the Adopted Pet.

Warranties by Adopter.

EAS makes no warranty, expressed or implied, regarding Adopted Pet or the health, condition, age, pedigree, personality or temperament of Adopted Pet. EAS makes the best effort it can, under the facts and circumstances of how EAS came into possession of the animal, to provide the best information based on observation and historical information to make the adoption process smooth and easy, but nothing can be guaranteed with an Adopted Pet. Unhappy Adopted Pets can cause problems in any home so please keep EAS informed at all times if there are problems. EAS can recommend particular animal trainers or pet behavioral workers if desired.

Adopter’s Standard of Care for Adopted Pet.

Adopter understands and acknowledges that EAS has no liability for the current or future health and/or temperament. Adopter understands and acknowledges that any information that EAS may have on the Adopted Pet may be based solely on what EAS has observed since Adopted Pet has been in the possession of EAS.

Adopter shall provide a securely fenced yard for Adopted Pet, proper grooming, nutrition, exercise, and necessary veterinary care for Adopted Pet. Once Adopter takes Adopted Pet from EAS’s possession (“Date of Possession”), Adopter is fully responsible for all vet bills associated with the Adopted Pet.

The Adopter further agrees that Adopted Pet shall be a house pet, allowed to sleep indoors and protected from inclement or adverse conditions and shall not be kept in a yard except during daytime hours. Adopted Pet will not be allowed to roam free or unsupervised. Adopted Pet will never be chained or tethered. The Adopter shall treat Adopted Pet as a household pet, and never use Adopted Pet as an aggressive “guard animal” or for any form of animal fighting or any other “sport” in which one animal is pitted against another, including hunting of any kind. Adopted Pet shall not be transported unsecured, in an open area of any truck or utility vehicle.

The Adopter shall comply with any and all local, county and state regulations and laws relating to the ownership, care, feeding and sheltering of Adopted Pet, and shall at all times maintain a current license for Adopted Pet.

In the case of illness or injury, Adopter shall seek prompt veterinary care for Adopted Pet for the remainder of Adopted Pet’s lifetime. If Adopter cannot afford vet bills on this new Adopted Pet, then do not adopt one of EAS’s rescued animals.

Adopter’s Responsibility to Spay/Neuter.

If Adopted Pet has not been sterilized prior to this adoption, The Adopter SHALL have the Adopted Pet spayed or neutered.  Adopter must make arrangements for the sterilization procedure to be done by EAS. If the Adopter chooses to use another service to complete this procedure it will be at Adopter’s expense.  EAS makes every effort to ensure that it does not let an unaltered Adopted Pet leave the shelter; however, EAS will allow an unaltered animal leave its possession when EAS determines at its sole discretion, that it is in the best interest of the Adopted Pet to be adopted in an unaltered condition. In the instance where the Adopted Pet is unaltered, Adopter hereby warrants, represents and agrees that the Adopted Pet will not be bred, whether accidental or intentional, prior to being sterilized.

Facility Inspection.

The Adopter agrees to permit EAS or Animal Control, upon reasonable notice and at reasonably convenient times to visit The Adopter’s home, or such facility wherein Adopted Pet is housed, for the purpose of verifying that Adopted Pet is in healthy condition, and in compliance with all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Transferability of the Adopted Pet.

The Adopter may not abandon, give away, gift, sell, transfer to a shelter or otherwise transfer Adopted Pet, and shall notify EAS immediately at any time Adopter determines that Adopter no longer wants to, or no longer can, keep Adopted Pet. EAS will take back the Adopted Pet, and attempt to secure a new home. This Adopted Pet is NEVER to be given away for any reason to anyone else but returned to the EAS for another home placement.

Adoption Fee.

EAS requires an adoption fee for the adoption of Adopted Pet of cash, check, money order or cashier’s checks, or via credit card online. This adoption fee is non-refundable.

During the period that the Adopted Pet is in possession of Adopter, Adopter is responsible for all vet bills for this Adopted Pet. EAS does not adopt out any obviously or seemingly unhealthy animals to potential Adopters.

Based upon past experience, EAS has found that Adopters usually know within seven days if this new Adopted Pet will work in their home. Like any adoption there could be problems, please let us know if there are concerns so that we can help you.

If Adopter chooses to surrender Adopted Pet, the adoption fee will NOT be refunded nor will any of their expenses be reimbursed. Adopter will be expected to produce all current health records on Adopted Pet at time of surrender.

Bill of Sale.

This Contract, or a copy thereof, shall serve as The Adopter’s proof of ownership of the Adopted Pet and that possession of the Adopted Pet has been legally transferred to Adopter.

Adopter’s Signature & Acknowledgment